Visit These 5 Beautiful and Secluded Beaches in Southern Peru

Not many travelers are aware about beautiful beaches lined along the Southern coast of Peru. The beaches here are mostly frequented during summer season lasting from December to March. Through the rest of the year they don a deserted look due to cold weather.  The following are the five most stunning beaches to visit in Southern Peru.

  1. Camana

Camana is a coastal town known for its serene beaches with gentle waves. If you are looking for tranquility and tryst with nature, this is the place to be. Playa La Miel with flat terrain of fine sand girded by cliffs and gullies is a lovely beach to go to.

  1. Mollendo

Playa Catarindo in Mollendo is a quaint beach perfect for family holiday with its descent stretch of sand and laidback air.  A variety of food choices are available on the beach.  Take a walk around the town and cherish its timeworn streets and buildings.  For bird watching and surfing, head south to Mejía.

  1. Playa Jihuay

Surrounded by high cliffs, this lonely beach in the province of Caravellí is covered with white sand. Waters of the Pacific are cold here yet the sun-drenched beach makes for an exhilarating plunge.  It is easy to spot sea lions resting on the rocks.

  1. Puerto Inca

Puerto Inca in Arequipa is a blend of archaeological, green and picturesque locations. Balmy air brushes past your face while you soak in shallow seabed of Puerto Inca.  History dwells in nooks and corners of this place. The beach has a conserved ancient path that stretches over dunes, hills, ravines and mountains connecting it to the capital city of Inca Empire.


  1. Boca del Rio

Approximately 40 minutes away from Tacna is the gorgeous beach of Boca del Rio. The beach is clean and placid but rocky and unfit for swimming.  It offers beautiful landscapes and you can easily spend whole day loitering on the beach with your family and friends.  Choose from a variety of Peruvian sea delicacies and get the best of services.

The beckoning beaches of Southern Peru

The beautiful beaches are a testimony to the fact that there is more to Southern Peru than Nazca lines and Colca Canyon. Remember the sea is cold here even during summers. If you plan to swim, you are in for a nippy dip.

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