Ancient Graves Found at Chavin de Huantar

John Rick of Stanford University has led a team of researchers and archaeologists for some time now at the Chavin de Huantar temple. Their efforts finally bore fruits when they discovered graves of men buried face down under piles of rocks. The research effort was aided by robotic vehicles equipped with cameras and advanced lights. Within the 30 or so narrow tunnels that the team discovered, there were many galleries belonging to the temple.

As the burials were found under the rocks and the men were faced down, researchers surmise that they were all probably sacrificed to ancient gods. The team also proposed the idea that the men who were sacrificed were probably not of a high social standing, because in the ancient times, people from a lower social standing often became victims of human sacrifices. The temples belong to a pre-Incan civilization called the Chavin, who ruled large swathes of land between 1200 BC and 500 BC.

Located at an altitude of 10,430 meters, the Chavin de Huantar temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can make a plan to visit these ruins though you may not be granted permission to venture into the deep labyrinths where the researchers are currently working. It might sound eerie to learn that human activity can be traced back to 3000 BC. What’s even more strange is the village was continuously occupied until the 1940s.

You may not be able to see a lot of things, but you can certainly visit the Museo Nacional de Chavín, which is located in the Ancash region of Northern Peru. This area is just north of Lima Region and is a great place to trek and hike. Make sure that you are well prepared for altitude sickness as much of the region is located at high elevations.

Meanwhile, John Rick and others continue to discover important artifacts, dead men, and hidden tunnels in the temple complex. While Egypt is considered the largest treasure trove of ancient artifacts and archaeological sites, Peru is not far behind and is equally ancient and archaeological sites are strewn across the country. All you need to do is book a flight to Lima to play the archaeologist yourself  across this beautiful country.

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