How to Drink Beer Like a Local in Peru

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They say the way to a country’s soul and culture is through its food customs, but many will agree that to truly understand a country and its culture, you need to immerse yourself in its drinking culture. If you love your beer more than other alcoholic drinks, you should be heading straight towards Peru because beer is just as popular as Pisco, the drink most commonly associated with Peru.

Beer is found in many different forms in Peru, and includes bottled beer, recently mushrooming craft beer breweries, and chopp (draught beer that is stored in kegs). In this article, let us take a look at what you need to know in order to order a beer like a local in Peru. Beer is usually sold in 620 to 650 ml bottles which is either shared by a group or drunk alone. Beer is also available in smaller cans and bottles, but people rarely order that size.

Most beers sold in Peru are brewed by Backus, which is the largest brewery in Peru. Some of the most popular beers to order when in Peru include Cristal, Pilsen Trujilo, Pilsen Callao, San Juan, and Arequipena. Cusquena has its own share of fans, and you might want to try it out to see why it’s so popular. As you may have noticed, beers are often named by cities, and in those particular cities, people often order only those beers.

Just be sure to know that Peru’s culture is very social, and beer enhances this culture up a notch. You will need to respect local customs such as sharing a glass which is passed around, if this happens. Often, a single glass is shared by drinkers while a bottle holder pours the beer into the glass as drinkers gulp down their beer. Always remember to be polite, and not get into arguments when you are at a bar, and instead, be your charming self and attract some pleasant attention!

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