Vaccinations You Need Before Traveling to Peru

If you have planned to visit Peru sometime soon, we recommend you get CDC-recommended vaccinations before you arrive here. While Peru’s medical infrastructure is great, and healthcare can be affordable if you know where to look for it, you obviously don’t want to get sick when you are traveling. You should be able to enjoy the scenery and culture without worrying about swollen lymph nodes or a persisting rash. In this article, we take a look at some of the vaccinations you may need before you get on that flight to Lima.

Peru is a tropical country and if you plan to travel along the Amazon region, you may encounter a lot of mosquitoes and other bugs. These may cause a number of health issues if you are not vaccinated properly. Also, if you plan to try the delicious street food in Peru, you should be mindful that food isn’t always very hygienic, and bacterial and viral infections may occur if you are not vaccinated.

To avoid these potentially annoying circumstances, we recommend that you take all the vaccinations that the CDC has listed on its website. The CDC and the WHO recommend that you take vaccinations for Yellow fever, typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Rabies and many other routine vaccines. You should also carry a mosquito repellent with you as you may catch dengue, malaria, or chikungunya. Water may not be safe at all times, so it is recommended that you carry bottled water always.

It must be kept in mind that you need to vaccinate yourself regardless of which country you visit. These recommendations are not specific to Peru, but for most countries in the tropics. You may also want to seek your doctor’s permission if you have certain cardiovascular conditions, as many places in Peru are located at high altitudes. Some people with breathing difficulties may find it hard to cope with thin air. Get your doctor’s approval, and all of Peru shall be your playground.

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