Don’t Forget to Visit These 3 Restaurants in Lima

If you are planning to visit Peru, you will certainly have to pass through Lima, even if your destination is someone in a remote part of the country. Lima is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and when you are here, it makes absolute sense to try out some of the best restaurants in town. The capital city is famous for its ritzy bars and restaurants in Miraflores and other neighborhoods. However, there are some important restaurants you can try when you are in Lima. We have shortlisted 3 restaurants that are household names in Lima.

El Rincon Que No Conoces

El Rincon Que No Conoces was started by Teresa Izquierdo, and is often known as the mother of traditional Peruvian food. This restaurant sees a number of Peruvian families out to get delicious traditional dishes. What sets this restaurant apart from its competitors is the Afro-Peruvian carapulcra, which is a dish made of potatoes, peanuts, and pork. Sadly, Teresa passed away in 2011, but her legacy continues to this day.

Astrid & Gastón

Astrid & Gastón is a newer restaurant and was started in 1994. The restaurant is the brainchild of Astrid Gutsche and her husband Gaston Acurio. Astrid was once known as the best pastry chef in the world, and today, Astrid & Gaston continues the heritage of Peruvian cuisine with a modern twist to it. The restaurant is located in a 17th century palace and is hard to miss. Do not forget to order some of the best modern Peruvian dishes. When in doubt, ask for recommendations at the restaurant.

El Chinito

If you are looking for a quick bite in Lima, and do not have much time for a sit-down restaurant, make sure you visit El Chinito. This decades-old sandwich bar is legendary in Lima, and is known for its 6 types of sandwiches. The most famous of these sandwiches is the chicharron sandwich, which comes with lots of pork, sauce, and sweet potatoes. The secret to these sandwiches lie in the way the bread is baked, which apparently is a secret that is known only to a few at El Chinito.

If you have been to Peru before, do you have any recommendations for tourists? Do name your favorite restaurants in Lima or elsewhere in Peru, so that others can try the places you love.

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