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Peru is famous for Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lima for obvious and predictable reasons: they are attractive and hold immense tourism potential. Yet, the crown jewel of Peruvian tourism is actually its Amazon region, which comprises of 60% of the country. 

This sparsely populated region is home to native tribes and cultures which are left relatively unspoiled by modern influences. While there are many interesting things to do in the Amazon, one of the most important is to find some healing. Traditional healing delivered by Amazonian shamans is gradually gaining acceptance and admiration from patients around the world, simply because these helloing techniques are ancient and practical. 

Amazonian shamans are known as curanderos in Spanish, and are well acquainted with the herbs and medicinal plants that grow in the Amazon river basin. You would be surprised to learn that many pharmaceutical companies have co-opted traditional Amazonian medicines and have been selling them for profit as modern medicines to people all around the world.

Shamanic helloing requires rigorous practice and much of the knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. Though the practice is dying out, you can still find a healer to bless and heal you off your ailments. A common practice is to wave a bundle of herbs over your head and utter prayers to invoke the spirits. The shaman may also smoke medicinal herbs and blow it over your face and head. 

We run a trip to the Corto Maltes in the Madre de Dios region, where you can experience a healing session from a traditional shaman. In fact, the Ayahuasca Ceremony at Corto Maltes lets you try the famous Ayahuasca under the guidance and supervision of a shaman. Visiting Corto Maltes can be an extraordinary experience and if you do plan to take part in the Ayahuasca ceremony, make sure to keep a week aside, as the effects of Ayahuasca last for a few days. 

To learn more about this and how you can book a tour to Corto Maltes, contact us today.

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