Here Is What You Should Pack for Your Peru Trip

Traveling to Peru can be a lot of fun and once you are done with your trip, you are sure to leave the country with a lot of memories and learning. With that in mind, make sure that you have packed well in advance, so that you do not have to spend a lot of money or time on shopping later on. 

Here are the top things you need to make sure your bringing from your home country.

Make sure you pack in the right clothes

Far too many times, people pack in the wrong kind of clothes when they travel to Peru. It is located just south of the Equator, which means, if you are coming from the USA or Asia or Europe, it will probably be summer when it is winter in the northern hemisphere, and vice versa. Bring appropriate clothes and bear in mind that even during summers, much of Peru remains cold, sunny, dry and windy. 

Bring all the necessary documents

Depending on which country you are traveling from, you will need to get your passport and visa, and your vaccinations as well. You will need to pack in your emergency contacts as well, if you get lost or if your bag is stolen, someone can reach the concerned person. It also makes sense to pack in a drivers license, if you have an international permit. After all, there is nothing more exciting than riding a back up the mountains. 

Remember to get your medicines or at least a prescription

Peru has excellent medical facilities and if you are in a large town or city, you can expect the doctors to speak English as well. However, if you have a longstanding medical condition, seek your doctor’s opinion regarding high altitude situations and get a prescription before you arrive here. You may also bring certain medicines in limited quantities against your prescription. 

If you would like specific advice regarding what you should bring for your trip, do not hesitate to contact us.

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