Researchers Dig Up an Ancient Wari Recipe of Chicha

If you thought the Incans were the only ones to rule over what is today Peru, you will be surprised to learn that many civilizations existed before the Incans flourished. The Wari civilization was one such empire that ruled over large swathes of South America. 

The Wari were most famous for a beer-like drink that was thought to have been lost to times. Chicha, a fermented beverage, is very similar to beer and kept the Wari civilization tightly knit. When the Incans arrived, they continued to prepare chicha. The drink is available in certain communities in Peru and the ancient recipe has now been recreated by researchers. The recipe changed and evolved during these hundreds years but thanks to the researchers, you can taste Chicha the way the Wari drank them. The Wari ran an extensive empire which span across hundreds of miles. 

Not much is known about Wari as much as is known about the Incans but researchers and archaeologists are constantly digging up truths about this ancient civilization. Chicha is one such truth that will make your mouth water and chill your bones under the blazing sun of Peruvian mountains and coast. The Discover magazine recently ran an extensive article highlighting the discovery of the ancient Chicha recipe. It is a fascinating read and will make you visit Peru almost immediately. 

According to Discover magazine, the story of the hunt for the original Chicha recipe dates back to 15 years ago, when Ryan Williams, an archaeologist, came across an ancient brewery in Cerro Baul. Strangely, this brewery was burned down in 1050 AD deliberately. No one knows the reason why it was burned down or what actually went wrong with those who ran the brewery. 

However, with a little effort you can find a perfectly made Chicha in Peru and that will be an experience you would never forget. If you have already savored the taste of this fizzy drink, let us know what your experience was like.

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