Peruvian Coffee Is the Next Big Thing

Most people do not associate Peru with coffee, leave alone coffee cultivation. In the Americas, Brazil, Columbia and Nicaragua are all famous for coffee cultivation along with Costa Rica. However, Peru’s best kept secret is its 3.2 billion 60 kg bags of coffee that it produces every year. 

Most importantly all this coffee is part of fair trade practices. The reason why you don’t hear about Peruvian coffee is because it is not export as widely. The best Peruvian coffee is kept for domestic use. This is contrary to other countries like India where the best coffee is exported and locals hardly drunk any coffee at all. 

Peruvian coffee is famous for its medium body and aromatic flavor. The fragrance of Peruvian soil is clearly noticeable in the coffee that is grown here. Thanks to a wide range of altitudes and climates, you can taste different kinds of coffee grown across plantations in Peru. Urubamba and Chanchamayo are particularly famous, as are the wide variety of organic coffees that are grown across Peru. 

Peru also has a burgeoning coffee culture that is not to be found anywhere else in the world. While you can find older cafes across towns and cities, with their majestic colonial interiors, you can also find the hippest coffee shops in Lima and Cusco. Coffee shops are also places to try Peruvian desserts and pastries, some of which go really well with your cup of Joe. 

When you are in Peru, make sure to visit some of the. Coffee plantations in places like Chanchamayo and Urubamba. In addition, drink at colonial cafes in Cusco and Lima, while also discovering hip new coffee shops. In fact, the coffee shops of Lima can easily give hipster cafes of Portland and Melbourne a run for their money. If you visit Peru and discover unique cafes and coffee shops, do let us known which ones you visited and what you liked the best about them. 

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