Larco Museum in Lima Is Full of Surprises

Peru was not exactly “discovered” by Europeans. It was a centre of human civilizations for almost 5000 years before the arrival of Columbus to the Americas. In fact, pre-Columbian history of Peru reveals a rich tapestry of human achievements, art and culture.

These can be experienced at museums that are dedicated to the pre-Columbian era. One such place is the Larco Museum located in Pueblo Libre neighborhood of Lima. This privately owned museum has an extensive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts which include erotic pottery that might surprise you with their sensuality. 

The museum was started by Rafael Larco Herrera in 1926 after he inherited thousands of ceramic pieces from Alfredo Hoyle, his brother in law. Larco didn’t stop at just those pieces he inherited. He painstakingly went around looking for pre-Columbian artifacts across Peru and brought them to what’s now called the Larco Museum. Soon enough, Larco Museum became the most important establishment to discover ancient Peruvian heritage and culture. 

Some of the most important artifacts found in the museum include Moche earrings and a headdress belonging to the civilization. They are so beautiful that you might feel you’re in an ethereal world that doesn’t belong to any particular time or era. You can also find garments, crowns, beads and other artifacts that are difficult to find elsewhere. In short, this place will introduce to the rich culture and heritage of Peru which is often masked behind a Spanish colonial facade. 

When you are in the museum, do not forget to admire the erotic pottery. While some of these ceramic pottery might shock you, remember that they’re part of our human heritage and that people have been using aesthetics to highlight natural instincts since time immemorial. In fact, this museum holds the world’s largest collection of erotic pottery. Don’t be surprised to learn that this museum houses 10,000 years of human history dating back to the very ancient times.

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