Why You Must Carry Candies to Peru

There are a number of reasons why you should carry a lot of sweets and candies with you when you visit Peru. Firstly, you will be visiting high altitude places that can cause altitude sickness. A common symptom of altitude sickness is fluctuation in the level of blood sugar. Many people experience hypo-glycemic and a piece of candy can literally make all the difference. 

Build a rapport with your students

In addition, children in Peru often speak to tourists because they are just so very friendly. Would you really like to just shake hands and walk away? Carry candies from your country which may not be available in Peru and give them to children you will meet. In fact, if you are planning to sign up for a volunteering program, you may require to carry more candies that you might imagine. 

Peru has a number of volunteering and internship programs that help international volunteers to contribute to the education and reduction of social problems in Peruvian society. Carrying candies can be abrupt way to break the ice and build rapport with local children. They would be more amenable to what you teach them, when you build a rapport. After all, they may not speak English the way you do and building a friendly relationship at the outset is very important. 

You may want to carry candies for the adults you meet as well

It is not just the children who love candies. Even adults and potential dates you may find in the clubs of Lima may warm up to you when you share candies from your country with them. This is very important because you may not know how to speak Spanish very well. Offering candies to someone with whom you intend to practice your Spanish can be perceived as a friendly gesture. However, carry candies that are unique to your town or region as most international brands are already available in Peru, and you want to surprise your Peruvian friends!

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