Why You Must Use Bottled Water in Peru

If you are visiting Peru, we are sure that you have a number of questions to ask. One such question is, whether the water is safe to drink in Peru. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is, not always. It really depends on where you are planning to drink water, and many times, water may not be boiled or purified. This will leave you vulnerable to opportunistic infections and stomach disorders.

How to avoid water-borne infections in Peru

We have seen a number of our volunteers with upset stomachs and that is not something that you would want to experience. However, there are some quick and easy fixes to this problem. Make sure that you always carry bottled water. Of course, water bottles are available everywhere bin Peru but make sure that you don’t throw them around.

When you finish drinking a boot of water, keep it in your bag until you find a trash can where you can dispose it. A big problem in Peru is tourists often leave water bottles because they cannot find a trash can easily. We have also noticed that some people fall sick even after drinking only bottled water. This is mostly because they probably used unclean water to brush their teeth. Make sure that you only use bottled water to brush your teeth as well.

Avoid vegetarian food

Do not drink fresh fruit juice or order vegetarian meals at unknown restaurants or small eateries. The water maybe contaminated and the vegetables may not be washed properly. Always try and avoid salads, as these may contain bacteria and viruses that are not killed off during the cooking process. However, you can order vegetarian dishes at larger restaurants that are targeted towards tourists, as these restaurants make the effort to cook properly.

For a complete guide to traveling in Peru, download our guide now. This guide includes various tips that you will need while traveling within Peru. This guide will help you to avoid unnecessary trouble when you should be volunteering or traveling in peace. 

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