How to Remain Safe in Peru

Peru is a safe place for tourists and compared to other tourist destinations, the country’s cities are largely safe and secure even at night. However, larger cities such as Lima and Cusco are prone to petty crimes much like other cities of the world. Though you don’t have to be on guard all the time-out makes sense to keep a few things in mind in order to avoid unsavory situations. Here are sometimes you can follow in order to avoid being the target of crimes. 

  1. Try not to over-dress

As Peru is a relatively poor country, it may not be a good idea to walk around in expensive jewelry, especially outside upmarket localities. Dress appropriately and do not seek attention. Not every tourist can blend in with the locals but it makes sense to dress casually and not attract unwanted attention. 

2. Don’t flaunt gadgets

If you have expensive gadgets with you, do not flaunt them in public. Many tourists lose their fancy cameras and cellphones while trying to take pictures. Make sure that you have a cord with which you can secure your gadget around your wrist. 

3. Secure your backpacks

If you carry a bag or a backpack, which you obviously would, make sure that you secure it with a small lock. Usually, bag backs are opened from behind and valuables are stolen without your knowledge. However this is a rarity and you should not become paranoid. 

4. Use caution at night

If you are outside entertainment districts such as Miraflores or Barranco, try not to walk alone late night. It makes sense to walk around with a friend or stick to the brightly lit areas of the neighborhood you are trying to explore. 

5. Use ATMs during the day

If you revisiting an ATM, make sure that you do it during the day. It is not safe to visit secluded ATM machines at night unless you have someone with you. If you really have to visit an ATM, you can go to a well-lit area where you can be sure that nobody has followed you. 

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