Whale Rescued Off Beach in Zorritos

Thousands of whales are beached all over the world every year, and Peru is no exception. With a long coastline, it is increasingly common to find whales that land up on the beaches and meeting a tragic end. While locals often try to send them back to the ocean, their efforts are rarely successful.

Thankfully, this time around, a whale turned out to be luckier. All was calm on a beach at Zorritos, until a humpback whale washed up on the shore. A team of volunteers worked hard to rescue the marine animal so that it could go back to the ocean where it belongs. Humpback whales are large and can weigh up to 40 tons. Some of them are as large as 60 feet in length and can seem monstrous. It is not possible to use heavy machinery to move them as it results in grievous injuries. Whales are often caught in fishing nets and things become even more difficult or rescuers.

At El Nuro beach, rescuers had to cut through the fishing net and rescue another whale that was beached. Thankfully, even that whale was successfully rescued and it swam back into the sea on its own. Whales are increasingly being hunted all around the world, and Japan recently decided to start hunting for them again, after a brief period of moratorium. The Pacific coast is often the scene o whales that wash ashore and stronger rescue efforts are required to help these beautiful animals swim back into the sea. Whale sightings are common in Peru if you visit the coast.

If you particularly interested in whale sightings and other marine animals, give us a call today. We can help you with a customized tour that will allow you to discover the marine beauty of Peruvian Pacific according to your requirements. While one can’t assure you that you’ll definitely see a whale, you will definitely discover beautiful beaches and marine life all along the Peruvian coast. 

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