When in Peru, Learn to Wait and Be Patient

Every country has a different attitude towards punctuality but one thing is for sure. Nobody wants to wait, and it doesn’t feel good when you wait for a long time and the person doesn’t empathize with your frustration. Unfortunately, this sort of empathy differs from culture to culture, and attitudes towards punctuality vary dramatically across countries. For instance, certain European countries are known for their very serious attitude towards punctuality. Everything and everyone is usually on time. 

However, countries in South Asia and Latin America take a more relaxed approach towards arriving in time. In short, if you find yourself waiting for someone in Peru, don’t worry too much. It is part of the culture and a well-acknowledged problem. Arriving late to work is such a common problem that Peru recently made changes to its laws and started to penalize workers who arrive late. 

If you happen to be in Peru and in some situation have to wait for your guide, understand that this normal. Wait for 15 minutes and call up your tour organizer. The same goes with your bus or taxi driver as well. They may arrive 15-20 minutes late. However, if they are late beyond 15 minutes, you can always call up the transport company and find out what went wrong. While it is always inexcusable to make anybody wait, and there is no point in being an apologist of tardiness, expecting someone to be late in Peru will help you adjust to your situation. 

Have you ever visited Peru and found yourself waiting for your guide or driver? Do let us know in the comments section below. To acquaint yourself with Peruvian culture better, you night also want to download our exhaustive guide to traveling in Peru. If you have any specific questions regarding Peruvian culture or the quirks associated with traveling in this majestic country, feel free to contact us anytime you want and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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