Ward Off Anaemia with Sangrecita

There is something mysterious about foreign cuisines, especially when it is from a land that we are not very familiar with. However, people across the world use what is locally available to create recipes that a re delicious and nutritious at the same. On that account, it is safe to say that cuisines across the world have something in common: taste and nutrition.

Sangrecita is one such dish from Peru that is unique, tasty and nutritious. It is made from chicken blood and is seasoned with garlic, onion, chili pepper and herbs. It is served alongside potato or yuca, and is very popular across Peru. It is believed that Sangrecita helps pregnant women ward off anaemia due to its rich iron content. If you are from England or from certain communities in Southern India, you might be familiar with black pudding, which is prepared with the blood of a pig.

Similarly, sangrecita is prepared with the blood of chicken. While this may seem shocking to many people, blood is consumed in many communities and cultures due to their high iron content. It is also consumed by people who do not believe in wasting any part of a slaughtered animal’s blood. Those who follow paleo diet will be familiar with the idea of consuming everything that belongs to a butchered animal, in order to show its body the respect it deserves. To discard a slaughtered animal’s remains is to show disrespect to its life.

If you are planning to visit Peru, make sure to try Sangrecita in any of the restaurants you plan to have dinner at. It is commonly available in the countryside but can be found in Lima and Cusco as well. Do you have a recipe or cuisine that may be perceived as exotic by those who are not familiar with your culture? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you would like any sort of assistance to visit Peru, contact us today. 

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