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Watching documentaries can be a great way to learn more about a country. When you have never visited a country and would like to experience the sights and sounds it has to offer, a well-made documentary can open up your mind about a place you have never visited. If you would like to experience Peru before you visit it, and don’t know where to find a good documentary, you have come to the right place: Netflix.

Perú: tesoro escondido is just an hour long but leaves you with an impression of Peru like never before. The documentary shows you how the country is steeped history and culture but is also rooted in natural riches and breathtaking beauty.The documentary starts with how Peru evolved as an imperial and militarist culture and was subsequently colonized by the Spanish. It shows you the breathtaking landscapes and tourist spots that aren’t yet popular. You will also get to watch glimpses of Peruvian cuisine, beaches and Amzonian heritage.

To help you understand Peru better, the documentary focuses on its cuisine, beaches, the Cordillera, history of the country and the Amazon. These five pillars help you understand Peru at an intimate level. Not only will you be able to watch Machu Picchu, but also lesser known destinations which might appeal to you. The highlight of the documentary is the stellar images of Ica desert and the beautiful and verdant Amazon forest. Perú: tesoro escondido should have been longer but the documentary does justice to Peru in every way possible.

Where to watch?

You can watch Perú: tesoro escondido on Netflix and also try the five movies which we suggested last month. Do you have any other recommendations to make for other tourists before they set sail to Peru? Do let us know in the comments section below. After all, it always helps to watch more films and documentaries before we go to a certain place, so that we know what to expect, or not expect. 

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