Regional Authorities Strip Forest Off Protections in Ucayali

If you thought forests and indigenous people are under threat all overt the world, you couldn’t be farther from truth. In Peru, regional authorities in Ucayali have decided to remove protections already in place for almost 3.5 million hectares of Amazon rainforest. This land will be opened up for human settlement, mining and other industrial and agricultural development. Previously, these forests were part of what was known as “Permanent Production Forests” (BPP).

Lands that come under BPP cannot be overexploited and they have a higher degree of protection from deforestation. In addition, no one can be issued with land rights. Now, all these special privileges will be abrogated so that settlers can gain possession certificates. People in the Santa Clara de Uchunya have been desperately seeking legal protection and have challenged the decision of the regional authorities to revoke BPP. Indigenous people have been calling for a moratorium on renewed settlement, development and industrialization of their forests.

The global implications of this disastrous decision could be enormous. As carbon emissions have begun to engulf the planet and adverse climatic conditions have become a regular phenomena, the lungs of the world, Amazonia is under renewed threat and destruction. Now is the right time for you to visit Amazon and understand how fragile these forests and the people who reside there are. International attention and media coverage may help regional authorities to try and bring forward a moratorium towards what they have already set out to do.

At Karikuy, we believe in the protection of indigenous lands and forests. Our treks and trips are planned in such a manner that they benefit indigenous people the most. In addition, we encourage our volunteers to spread the word around and help bring global attention to the problem of deforestation in the Amazonia. If you would like to be a part of a volunteering experience, give us a call today. There are many sustainable trekking programs as well, which might interest you. 

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