For a Break from Lima, Take the Marcahuasi Trek

While Lima has its glitz and glamor, one can easily start craving for some peace and quiet. Not just tranquility, one also starts to crave for sunshine as Lima can get very grey and cloudy. The nearest and easiest place to escape the busy melancholy of Lima is Marcahuasi. Marcahuasi is very popular with the residents of Lima as it is just 3 hours away. This is a popular trekking spot and the highlight of the trek is the meseta of Marcahausi, which is a plateau. The plateau is volcanic in nature and is known as the Amphitheater as well.

You can decide to camp at the Amphitheater at night but be warned that it gets really cold at night here. Though it is sunny and warm during the day, the fact that it is 3,500 meters above sea level makes all the difference, and the temperature plummets by evening. Before getting to the summit, you will have to pass the pre-Inca town at the base. To get to Marcahuasi, you will have to pass the town of San Pedro de Casta. This is a great place to pick up snacks and you can even decide to stay one of the many cheap motels. Don’t expect luxury here, as it is a small town.

You will experience life the way it was during pre-Incan time, with lots of donkeys, people and villagers walking around. This idyllic setting is only marred by the occasional chilly wind which blows from the mountains. Make sure to carry warm clothing, as the sunny climate during the afternoon can be deceptive and you will be frozen to your bones at night. This trip helps you understand what life was like in the Incan and pre-Incan times. They were far simpler, quieter and life revolved around agriculture, trade and day-to-day activities.

To register for the Marcahuasi trek, contact us today. We can help you customize this trip further if you have special requests. 

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