Venerate the Candor at Colca Canyon

One of the most enduring symbols of the Andes is the candor. The Andean candor is  known for its longevity and has a life expectancy of more than 70 years. With a wingspan that stretches to 2.7 meters, it is one of the largest birds of prey. Colca Canyon is the home of the Andean candor, and is one of the best reasons to visit this beautiful tourist spot. The canyon is also home to other birds such as the giant hummingbird, Chilean flamingo and the mountain caracara.

If you are trekking around this region, be sure to take pictures of vicuna, deer, zorrino and chinchilla. The area is famous for natural springs that can be found at the La Calera natural hot springs. There are several other hot springs which can be discovered easily by trekkers. In fact, Colca Canyon is fast emerging as one of the most popular trekking routes in Peru. Much of the landscape is vast and arid, and things can get very windy and chilly up here. You can find Andean communities that rear Cabana vultures and hawks.

You can find people who rear these raptors in Yankee, one of the cities located in Colca Canyon. You can explore Andean lifestyle in Yankee, before heading out to learn more about the mighty candor. However, please remember that the candor is fast approaching extinction and is currently subject to a very ambitious conservation project. Hundreds of thousands of people have begun to visit the Colca Canyon, resulting in environmental deviation as well. Please make sure not to leave litter behind or disturb the fragile ecosystem of the area.

This trip can be customized further and you can choose to visit places nearby which are all very attractive. In fact, it is a good idea to consider Colca Canyon as a trip that familiarizes you with conservation projects that are currently underway to save endangered species. To learn more about the Colca Canyon Trek, contact us today. 

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