Festival of Saint Francis of Assisi Sees Mostly Dogs

You might have wondered if Peru is a cat loving country or the people prefer dogs, like other South American countries. As with most boisterous and macho nations in this world, Peru is a dog-loving country too. This was evident during a religious ceremony dedicated to pets. As Peru is an observant Catholic nation, all the saints are worshipped and celebrated in a unique Peruvian tradition. Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals, and the day marking this saint is also when pets receive blessings by priests. 

In central Lima, a few weeks ago, people brought their pets for blessing by the priest, outside the church of Saint Francis of Assisi. Not so surprisingly, almost all of the pets waiting to be blessed were just dogs. There were the token parrots and a lone scared cat towards the end of the video. It is possible that most cat owners avoided the event so that their feline masters weren’t left traumatized. It is also possible that cats simply aren’t loved in Peru all that much. 

Many studies show that displaying an affinity towards cats is seen as a feminine quality by people who rate highly on scales of toxic masculinity. Considering how South American culture is macho, it is possible that cats are not as popular as they should be. If you are one of those who prefer dogs to cats, you might enjoy visiting the Cat-Eating Festival. I do not have the galls to open links pertaining to this festival, but a quick search on Google will reveal just how notorious the festival honoring Santa Efigenia is. These are the times when cultural relativism seems inane. 

If you are visiting Peru and are a cat lover, where could you possibly meet feline friends and their slaves? Practical Wanderlust ran an article stating Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, Lima is a paradise for cat lovers. If you are from Peru and have any experience with how cats are commonly treated, do let us know in the comments section below. 

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