Peruvians Score High on Uncertainty Avoidance Index

Every country has a different way of dealing with uncertainties. Some cultures are more open to uncertainties and are willing to take risks. Others are risk-averse and tend to avoid uncertainties. Understanding these nuances are important when you travel to a country, so that you can connect with the locals better. Peru has experienced turbulent and difficult times in the past, and people tend to avoid conflicts.

Peruvian culture predominantly avoids uncertainties and according to the Cultural Atlas website, Peru has a high Uncertainty Avoidance score of 87. This can also be attributed to the country’s vulnerability to climate change, El Nino rains, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Peruvians may avoid ambiguous situations

Peruvians often avoid ambiguous situations and may not want to do anything unless they are sure of the outcomes. This also creates a situation wherein many Peruvians plan only one day at a time. As a traveler you might find this frustrating, as you would have planned for your trip months in advance.

However, cultural etiquette differs from place to place, and you might have to travel with an open mind. Peruvians are known to communicate indirectly, and may agree to things that they actually don’t want to. This is a sign of conflict avoidance, and when you insist on certain things, you may get your way. Unfortunately, this may not go very well with your Peruvian hosts.

Be sensitive to your hosts’ conflict avoidance tendency

Being aware that people in Peru tend to avoid conflicts will help you to probe further until you are sure an individual really wants to do what you ask them to. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of political turmoil in Peru, and people may be extra cautious to avoid conflicts. While this may give you an appearance of solidarity or bonhomie, bear in mind that many people are just trying to avoid conflicts.

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