Order an Amazonian Juane for an Exotic Dinner

If you thought all of Amazonia was in Brazil, think again. The second-largest area of Amazon rainforest lies in Peru, and it is home to diverse tribes and communities. In fact, 60% of the country is made up of Amazonian rainforest, according to Authentic Foodquest. Amazonian rainforest falls under the selva (jungle) region, and it has its own cuisine. In this article, let us take a look at the famous Juane, which is synonymous with the Amazonian region. The dish is named after San Juan, whose feast falls on the 24th of June. San Juan refers to St. John the Baptist in English speaking countries.

How is Juane prepared and how is it served?

The dish is served with a bowl of rice and lots of spices. Along with this, you can find black olives, eggs, and oodles of meat. What makes this dish particularly different is that all these ingredients are first wrapped up in bijao leaves and cooked. The dish is served in these leaves soon afterwards.

The leaves lend a marvelous taste to the dish and can make even the most conservative of folks curious enough to try. There are a number of Amazonian restaurants in Lima and you do not actually have to travel to the forests to try Juane. All you need to do is ask your hosts which is the nearest Amazonian restaurant and walk into it. You can order Juane along with a beer, as it is particularly known to go well with the fizzy drink.

Have you tried Juane before?

If you have ever visited a Peruvian restaurant outside Peru, did you get to try Juane? It is commonly one of the most popular dishes served in Peruvian restaurants across the world. However, the most authentic places to try Juane is Peru itself. After all, your choice of an exotic dish can only be great when it is ordered at a restaurant that is located in the place where the dish originates.

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