When in Cusco, Take the Southern Ruins Tour

Cusco often receives all the attention, and tourists usually do not venture past this ancient and beautiful town. While Cusco has a number of attractions, there are many ruins and monuments just outside the city. With a little planning and perseverance, you can visit many of these ruins and make your trip ever more interesting. However, it is always easier to visit these places as part of an organized tour. Here are the three important destinations that are part of the Southern Ruins Tour offered by Karikuy.

Amazing Tipon

Tipon is located around 18 kilometers away from Cusco, and is a ceremonial water center. The location contains 12 terraces and is one of the best examples of Incan irrigation and agriculture. The irrigation system that the Incas put in place is still in use today. These terraces feed a lot of people and fresh vegetables and fruits are grown in this area. This can prove to be an educational trip for those interested in agriculture.

Impressive Pikillaqta

Pikillacta, Peru

Pikillaqta is an archaeological site of immense importance. This site is located around 30 kilometers from Cusco and can be reached easily from Tipon as well. This is a pre-Inca site that belonged to the Wari tribe. You can take a look at the narrow streets, squares and ancient temples. Not too far away, you can admire the placid Huacarpay lagoon. This is a mesmerizing place that has no equivalent anywhere in Peru. Certainly not to be missed.

Enchanting Andahuaylillas

Once you are done visiting Pikillaqta, your next stop will be a beautiful Catholic church. At Andahuaylillas, you can visit the church and admire its spires and architecture. It is famous for its beautiful decoration and murals. The altar is covered in 24 carat gold leaf and can impress even the most jaded of travelers. This place can be a great locale to take pictures and share with your friends back home.

At the end of this trip, you will be back to your respective hotels in Cusco. For more information on this tour, contact us today.

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