Lima Cultural Tour Is the Perfect Civilizing Break

Most people think of Lima as a gigantic city that is buzzing with bars, clubs and restaurants. This is of course true, as it is one of the megacities of the world. However, there is also a very cultural side to Lima that many tourists do not explore. Certainly, tourists need expert guidance and help to discover Lima’s cultural treasure troves. We have a special Lima Cultural Tour that will take you through the winding alleys and ancient sites which are hidden in unknown districts of the city.

What does the trip entail?

To begin with, you will be taken to the beautiful Citadel of Pachacamac. Once you are done exploring this ancient citadel in the midst of a modern metropolis, you will be taken to the Sanctuary of God Pachacamac. The next stop will be the Temple of the Sun. It is important to note that the Incas worshipped the Sun and it is a very sacred site for those ancient people.

There is also the Palace of the Virgins of the Sun, which is a truly surreal and magical experience. Once you are done exploring these places, your next stop is a thematic restaurant called D Paso en Mamacona. Here, you will bear witness to the Peruvian Paso horse. This is a unique horse that is not found anywhere else in the world. You will also be entertained with folk dances before you are presented with a sumtuous Peruvian meal.

How much does the trip cost?

The trip starts at just $102, and is a great way to discover the city and its culture. Of course, Lima is a great place to party and try different kinds of foods but it is also a cultural center that is best explored with the help of seasoned guides. If you are planning to visit Lima anytime soon, make sure that you book our Lima Cultural Tour without any delay. You will not be disappointed with your decision.

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