Peru Makes Climate Risk and Water Shortage Priority Issues

Considering how climate change is affecting the whole world, Peru has been seriously looking at what it can do to reduce the damage of infrastructural projects. With this in mind, the country enacted a law in April 2018, which makes every investment project in Peru to incorporate climate risk. These commitments are legally binding and are part of the Framework Law for Climate Change. 

President Martín Vizcarra has been instrumental in pushing for a policy that emphasizes the need to look at water shortages in the country. With this in mind, Peru will likely look at water conversation projects as the most important strategy to tackle climate risk. Investment projects will need to prove that water shortage and water exploitation will both be addressed judiciously. Any malpractice time will lead to violating the statues of the Framework Law for Climate Change. Such a strict protocol was necessary in Peru, which has been facing extreme draught-like situations.

Peru is already suffering from the effects of receding glaciers. A recent study showed that glaciers in the Andes have receded dramatically, and the melted waters have been flooding the communities that live along the valleys. Consequently, crops have been affected and people are experiencing severe economic consequences. Peru is particularly vulnerable to these changes that are taking place all over the world. 

America’s Quarterly ran an article that describes what Peru is doing to tackle water crisis and how the new climate law aims to fix that. The article is quite revealing in many ways, and is something that you should read in order to understand the situation the country is grappling with. You will be shocked to learn that Lima is the world’s second driest city and the city’s millions of people lack fresh water. 

If you are new to Peru’s water shortage problems, worry not. As a tourist you will always have all the facilities accessible to you. However, make sure not to waste water and use it judiciously when you visit Peru.

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