Attend the Baroque Music Festival in Lima

Peru is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. With a strong European, African, and Indigenous American culture-base, it wouldn’t be a surprise to understand that Peruvian culture is not unitary. The country is home to a varied genres of music, including Western Classical Music. Similar to other South American countries, Western Classical Music is dominated by Baroque style. The glamour and ornateness associated with Baroque art forms appeals to most people in Latin America and Peru is no exception. 

With this mind, you might want to visit Peru in May 2020, when the Baroque Music Festival is scheduled to be held. The music festival will be held in the first week of May and will present a different concert each evening. This will be the perfect situation for you to encounter Peruvian classical music, with an emphasis on the Baroque. Lima is home to many Baroque buildings and churches as well, all of which were built during the initial days of colonization. While colonization of Peru was immensely painful, one could also look at the churches and music that this resulted in. 

Do take a classical music appreciation course before heading to Lima

Take time to introduce yourself to Baroque music before you visit Peru next May. This will help you to savor and appreciate live music more than you currently can. After all, classical music requires some knowledge of music in order to appreciate it. If you are completely unaware about Baroque music, you may not have the necessary skills to appreciate performers. 

Once you attend the music festival, take time to visit music schools and clubs across Lima. Lima is home to several classical music clubs and they are all accessible to tourists. It makes sense to do a little homework before you go to the clubs because you can expect the patrons and hosts to be quite knowledgeable about music. 

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