Northern Peru Ravaged by Floods

Northern Peru has been experiencing heavy rainfall and it was recently reported that a state of emergency has been declared in the affected areas. the worst affected areas are Cajamarca, Piura, and Hancay. Floods have ravaged remote towns and villages, causing much destruction and havoc. At the moment, it is not clear if there have been any casualties.

Regular occurrences of floods have hurt local communities

Local authorities have found it difficult to communicate with remote settlements. It has also become increasingly difficult for aid workers to fetch supplies for the affected. Floods are a regular occurrence in the North of Peru, which receives substantial amount of rainfall. However, this year, rain has been excessive leading to extensive flooding. Much of these floods can be attributed to the El Nino effect.

In fact, one may remember that more than 50 people were killed in the floods that ravaged Peru last year. Global warming has had disastrous effects on Peru’s remote communities who often have to bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions. Flooding has resulted in loss of crops, significant damage to local economies and loss of tourism revenue as well. Central coastal regions were affected a few months ago as well, leading one to wonder why Peru has suffered a spate of floods in the recent months.

Are these floods unique to the situation of Peru?

Of course, floods are not unique to Peru, and in recent years thousands of people have lost their lives due to floods across the world. What this truly signals at is the effect of global warming, which results in extreme weather conditions. If you are planning to travel to Peru in the next few weeks, make sure that the region you are traveling to is not affected by floods severely. Speaking to a guide or a travel agency such as Karikuy will definitely help you.

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