Peruvians Participate in a Guinea Pig Rubbing Ritual for Healing

Peru has many colorful traditions and many of them attract tourists from all over the world. However, there is one such tradition that attracts domestic tourists from all over Peru. One such festival is the Feria de los Deseos ritual. In English, this can be loosely translated to Fare of Wishes.

What happens during the festival?

In this festival, people allow a shaman to rub black guinea pigs on their heads and bodies, in hopes of resolving health issues. This superstitious belief is part of a tradition that dates back to times immemorial. The shaman brings the guinea pig and holds it on top of the client’s head for a while. Then, the healer rubs it all over the arms, chest and torso of the client who is often surrounded by flowers and candles.

People believe that these guinea pigs have the ability to heal diseases and negativity that may ail a person. The Daily Mail has an entire article dedicated to this rather elaborate ritual, and has also interviewed a shaman. If you are planning to visit Peru sometime soon, you may be disappointed to learn that this ritual is already over.

If you can’t experience guinea pig healing, try them on your plate at least

On the other hand, you can try eating the guinea pigs, which are savored across Peru. Often known by their indigenous name “Cuy”, these pigs are roasted whole and then eaten as part of festivities. Many people find it rather strange to be offered an entire guinea pig on their plates, but it does have its culinary appeal and is praised by those who have tried it.

Have you ever tried the cuy in your life? If you did, how did it taste? Do let us know in the comments section below, as we would be glad to hear from you!

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