Paracas National Reserve: Where the Desert Meets the Beach

If you thought Peru was all about natural beauty and large cities, think again. It also has a long coastline that is blessed with sandy beaches. These beaches are so beautiful and full of life that surfers from all over the world arrive to ride the waves. One such place is the Paracas National Reserve.

What is special about the Paracas National Reserve?

This national reserve is located on the southern coast of Peru and it’s completely arid. It is a good example of what subtropical coastal deserts looks like. What makes this place so surreal is that you do not realize where the desert ends and the beach begins. The sandy beaches struggle to maintain their identity while the sand dunes of the desert seem to consume the beach.

This strange landscape has attracted millions of travellers from around the world. This national reserve is also home to a wide variety of animals. You can find 215 kinds of birds, dolphins and sea lions. The desert is home to a large number of reptiles suggest snakes lizards and certain insects as well. As it is a sub tropical desert you can expect the climate to be cold and dry. It is humid in the summers but dry throughout the year. You may also see foggy conditions the more you go inside the desert.

Want to visit Paracas National Reserve?

This natural reserve is far away from the bustling capital of Peru, Lima. However, with careful planning and some preparation, you will be able to visit without any problems. If you would like to visit this natural reserve, please contact us today. There is probably no other place like this natural reserve because it is very hard to find a beach that is right next to a desert. Do not expect to find palm trees or shade of some sort. Get your hats and sunscreen along!

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