Manu National Park Is a World Heritage Site Worth Visiting

Did you know that Peru is home to national parks that are World Heritage Sites? Manu National Park is a world Heritage site located near Cucso. This National Park is home to rainforests, grasslands and even cloud forests. Because of its diverse ecosystems, the UNESCO recognized it as a biosphere reserve. Later it was granted the title of a World Heritage Site.

Visit Manu National Park to enjoy the unique flora and fauna of Peru

If you would love to experience the wilderness of Peru and experience its flora and fauna in all its glory, you should visit this National Park. The climate in the National Park can vary considerably depending on the altitude. Lower altitudes are warm whereas the higher regions of the forest can be quite cold. It rains a lot in this area and you need to be prepared for landslides and flooding.

It is important to visit the National Park with a guide or someone who has an extensive knowledge about the area. Certain sections of the rainforest are off-limits for tourists and this rule has been put in place in order to protect endangered flora and fauna. Peruvian forests have degraded considerably because of climate change and environmental disasters. Human activities have also left the indelible mark of deforestation. Only national parks such as this one give hope to those who believe in saving nature.

Want to visit Manu National Park?

If you would like to visit Manu National Park, please contact us today. We would be happy to customize a travel plan for you so that you can experience nature in all its glory. If you’re visiting Peru, it is important to experience its exotic flora and fauna, which certainly is unique. We regularly contact trips to national parks that we hope will be informative and educational for tourists. To learn more about this trip contact us today.

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