Visit the Moche Center of Sipan in Northern Peru

If you’re the kind of person who likes to visit historical places, you might want to visit Huaca Rajada, also known as Sipan. Sipan is located in Northern Peru and is an important Moche archaeological site. The city was founded between the years 50-700 AD. Between 1987 and 1990, a number of royal tombs were excavated in this location. It is now considered an extremely important archaeological discovery.

What about the lootings?

Unfortunately a lot of the tombs were looted by thugs and many of the artifacts were stolen. Thankfully, archaeologists have protected the site and there is more understanding about the people who built this city. Artifacts, murals and decorative goods depict the life of people in the city in the ancient times. All these artifacts have been preserved and some of them can be found at the Larco Museum.

Sipan is more famous for the looting than to anything else. A spectacular amount of gold and silver artifacts were discovered, all dating back to the ancient times. Unfortunately, all of these were stolen and only a few are now left in the hands of museums. You can visit the location of the city and have guides explain to you the stories and legends that are famous across Peru.

Want to visit Sipan?

At Karikuy, we regularly run tours to exotic places and make it enjoyable and adventurous at the same time. If you would love to visit Sipan, please contact us today so that we can customize a trip for you based on your needs. You might also want to visit places nearby so that you will go back to your home country with the rich experience of having been in Peru. If you are unable to visit Sipan, you can simply visit museums in Lima which depict Moche culture in detail.

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