Caigua: The New Peruvian Superfood for the Health Conscious

Peru is home to a number of vegetables which are not found elsewhere in the world. If you ever travel to Peru, you might be surprised to see that you will find vegetables that you have never seen in your life. Peru is a diverse and huge country where a number of different species of plants grow across different regions. One such vegetable is Caigua.

This beautiful and green vegetable is delicious and is always good for health. People have been eating this vegetable for thousands of years, and its use goes back to many centuries. In fact, a number of portraits that are found in museums and archaeological sites depict this vegetable.

Did you know how people eat this vegetable?

First you need to clean the vegetable and wash it well. This vegetable is hollow on the inside. So, it can be stuffed with whatever you want to pair it with. Most people in Peru stuff it with meat, rice and other delicious things. In order to cook a delicious meal, you can also cook it with a number of spices. In fact, Peruvian people always keep spices ready when they’re washing this vegetable!

Is Caigua healthy?

This vegetable is very healthy and has a number of nutrients and minerals. Some important minerals include phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. All these minerals are required for a healthy body and strong bones. Certainly, if you’re travelling in Peru, you would definitely want to buy some of these vegetables.

The best place to try Caigua is at one of the local restaurants. Ask the friendly matron to suggest what you could probably eat in order to try the vegetable. They may probably have something that you might like or you can even request for it to be cooked. If you have already tried it, let us know in the comments section below.

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