Amaranthus Might Just be What the Doctor Ordered

A number of people today have a lot of health problems. This could be due to the fact that they have sensitivity towards grains and gluten. This is why choosing to lead a grain free life and sticking to paleo diet can actually be very good. No wonder then that people have begun to look for food sources that resemble grain-like texture, taste and sensation. Amaranthus is found in Peru and is a valuable source of carbohydrate and protein for those who lead a grain free life.

This particular flower has the taste and texture of some popular grains. In fact, you can use Amaranthus in place of rice, wheat and other grains. Amaranthus is also known for its beautiful flowers. Back in the Victorian days, the flower of Amaranthus plant stood for unrequited love. However, today, it is popular in organic shops and health stores as a valuable grain substitute.

How does this plant grow?

It can grow absolutely anywhere, both humid and desert like conditions. This is why it is grown extensively in Peru’s Andean region and elsewhere in the country. It grows in early spring and in summer. However it is available throughout the year and Peru has recently started to export it as well.

How to use Amaranthus

If you have a health related issues, you can try Amaranthus right from today. All you need to do is to go to the nearest health store and pick up a packet of Amaranthus. Try cooking it with yoghurt or even with coconut milk. It tastes delicious if you add some spices and condiments. You can first boil it in water and add yoghurt later on to consume it as breakfast cereal.

Don’t be surprised to find cookies, pastries and cakes baked in Amaranthus flour. If you have already begun to consume Amaranthus in your home country, spend time discovering how this plant grows back in Peru. Speak to the farmers and shopkeepers, and understand the economics behind it.

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