Try Some Empanadas While in Peru

Travelling in Peru can be an exciting and mind opening experience. This is because, the country is diverse and you get to try things that you have never tried in your life. Certainly, food is one among those things. Peruvian cuisine is famous all around the world and it appeals to everybody because it borrows from so many countries. Peruvian cuisine is influenced by Latin American cuisine, European style of cooking, and also derives from Asian influences. This is why Peruvian cuisine can be considered as a universally appealing cuisine.

A fried/baked pastry you’ll never say “no” to

If you have been craving for some fried foods look no further than the empanada. This delicious baked and fried pastry is available all over Latin America. It is similar to the Samosa found in Asia. However it has its own differences and quirks. To prepare this empanada one needs folding dough, and fillings created using meat, corn, cheese and other ingredients. Once the filling is filled into the folding dough, the empanadas are baked or fried.

They are very popular in Peru and people usually eat them when they have a beer. If you ever go to a bar in Lima or Machu Picchu, you can always order empanadas as sides. Most small joints sell empanadas as snacks it is also common for people to eat them with tea or coffee. However, they taste best when you are drinking alcohol. There is a saying in Peru that no party is ever complete without well fried empanadas. In fact no successful party is complete without the guests being able to dig into a number of empanadas.

When you’re travelling in Peru, make sure to try different empanadas. You can try beef, pork, fish, and even vegetable empanadas. Once you do, please let us know in the comments section below what it tasted like.

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