How to Behave When in Social Situations in Peru

Before travelling to Peru it’s always nice to know how to behave when you’re surrounded by a lot of people. Etiquette forms an important part of every culture and it’s always important to follow and respect local traditions when we are travelling.

How do people in Peru behave?

For many people from the global north, Peru might seem like a conservative country and to a large extent it might actually be conservative because of the influence of the church. People value social etiquettes a lot and it is important to respect it and to know how to behave in social circumstances when in Peru.

Most Peruvian people are socially conservative and do not like to make other people feel uncomfortable. They tend to follow a certain social norms and are usually polite even if they are offended by you. This means you need to be careful about how you act in public and also how do you speak to people when you’re interacting with them.

Are there any specific tips to make it easier?

It is important to remember that a lot of people in Peru often say things that they think you want to hear, and not what they actually want to say out loud. So if somebody offers you to stay back at their place, you may actually not take it literally. They’re just being too polite to you. On the other hand, people in Peru tend to be very friendly and welcoming to strangers. This definitely is not a show that they put on, but are genuinely warm.

Just know that the way you speak in your own town may not work in Lima. Try to be courteous and polite and always respect the feelings of the people that you meet. Personal space may differ as well as many Peruvians do shake hands and hold each other while speaking. Staying very far away while speaking or looking on the other side may communicate dishonesty to them. So look in the eyes when you speak, and if you say something, say it like you mean it!

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