Beer’s Role in Peruvian Society, Including a Peculiar Tradition

Beer is an important part of many countries’ culture and Peru is no exception. People in Peru drink a lot of beer during a number of occasions. Most of the times, these occasions are social in nature and beer helps people to talk to each other and let go of their inhibitions.

The role of beer in Peruvian society

We must remember that Peru is socially conservative and people may not express their feelings without a little nudge. Beer certainly helps to bring down these inhibition levels and help people to interact with each other and share their feelings easily.

You can find all kinds of beer joints across Peru in small and large cities. Lima has world-class bars and restaurants and the city’s suburbs such as Miramar and Barranco are known for their nightclubs and watering holes. Cusco is similarly blessed with a number of watering holes and pubs. Smaller towns usually have informal taverns and bars where people get together to gossip and socialize.

A peculiar beer drinking tradition found only in Peru

Peru has a very peculiar beer drinking culture. People often sit in a circle and share beer from the same glass. These beer circles usually consist of 6 to 7 people. The first person opens the bottle of beer and pours it into his glass. Once he finishes drinking it, he pours the froth to the ground, and passes the bottle and the same glass to the next person.

Once he’s done drinking he will pass it on to the next person similarly until the circle gets completed. If you’re a hygiene conscious person you may not like this particular culture. If you carry your own glass you might attract a lot of sniggers and stares.

Beer is universal

There are a number of beer brands available in Peru but cities like Lima and Cusco often feature a number of microbreweries. Regardless of where you drink in Peru you will never run short of your beer supply. Is there a beer phenomenon on or culture that is special to your country? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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