Peru Is the Ultimate Destination for Americans Looking for Excitement

One might wonder why Americans continue to flock to Peru, despite other attractions nearby, such as Mexico and Canada. In 2018, a recorded 641,280 American visitors visited Peru, and 2019 was much higher. One of the reasons why Peru is so popular among Americans is easy connectivity to Lima. Lima’s upscale party neighborhoods offer bars, restaurants and pubs at a scale that most Americans can only dream of. This doesn’t mean partying in America is non-existent.

Why is Peru so popular among Americans?

It just means it is so much more affordable to party and have a good time in Lima than in Miami or Las Vegas. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Lima is fast becoming the party destination of the Americas, far surpassing traditional destinations such as Cartagena and Acapulco. Other than the obvious party scene, Peru is also famous for its world-renowned cuisine.

There are multiple Peruvian restaurants in the US but they tend to be expensive and upmarket. On the other hand, American travelers can expect to try authentic and delicious Peruvian dishes for a fraction of the price at eateries across Peru. One cannot dismiss the number of museums, galleries and shops that litter the streets of Lima and other large cities of Peru. In fact, just Lima should be enough for the time-pressed tourist who just wants to have a good time.

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