If You Are Stuck in Peru during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Stay Calm for the Moment

These are difficult times, and if you are a traveler who is stuck in Peru due to the coronavirus situation, try to be calm. The government of Peru has called for the borders to be closed for two weeks which has caused panic among many travellers. 

The Peruvian government has put this restriction in place in order to combat the tract of the coronavirus pandemic. Most travellers have been taken by surprise as they did not have any information about the upcoming restrictions. However, one needs to know that other countries have put similar restrictions in place. For instance, India has halted all international flights until March 31. 

News reports reveal foreign travelers are stranded

News report revealed that citizens from the US, UK, and many countries in Europe are currently stranded in Europe. Most airlines do not know what is going on and they do not have any advice to provide. The American embassy is not able to provide help to its citizens either. It is very important for travellers to remain calm and seek the assistance of local government agencies. 

Help may be on the way

Some travellers have already been taken to Washington DC by a chartered flights and many more planes to me arrive to help stranded travellers from other countries. In order to be rescued and helped, travellers should remain calm and maintain social distance. It is one thing to be stranded in a foreign country during an epidermic, and it is another to be actually be very sick. 

What should you do in the interim?

Make sure to network with people from your own country and seek their support if no other support is available. Speak to local authorities and seek advice from what can be done. If you’re unable to speak in Spanish there should be local people who can speak English and help you with information and guidance. Like any other country, Peru is overwhelmed currently. 

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