Stranded Travelers in Peru Grow Increasingly Anxious to Get Home

Number of foreign travelers are currently stranded in Peru due to the recent developments caused by coronavirus. Majority of these travelers come from countries such as Canada, US, UK, and Australia. Those who are stranded are growing increasingly desperate to find their way back home. Unfortunately, most countries have closed their own airports. This has resulted in citizens not being able to travel back home. 

Peru has closed its borders and it’s not letting anybody fly out of the country. It is important to bear in mind that most countries are unable to grasp an effective strategy to handle the outbreak of coronavirus. Peru is just one among the countries that have imposed travel restrictions on both sides and sand foreigners. This has led to a humanitarian crisis of sorts affecting everyone involved. 

How are Peruvians and foreign tourists handling?

As Peru is a tourist economy, a number of local businesses have been struggling to survive in the last couple of weeks. This brings us back to the situation of foreign travelers who are stuck in Peru. They seem to be in a state of limbo with neither their own countries helping them nor Peru willing to budge. 

Canada and Spain have announced that their citizens will be evacuated from Peru. However, Australians and Americans have not come forward to help their citizens. This is a developing story and it is not clear at the moment how does humanitarian crisis will be solved. Hopefully, within a couple of weeks travel restrictions should be removed so that standard travelers can return home to safety.

What should travelers stuck in Peru do now?

Travelers should try to remain calm and stay where they are as coronavirus is extremely dangerous and containing is the top priority at the moment. The same time, we hope that the Peruvian government makes arrangements for stranded travelers to wait out until restrictions are removed so that they can go home safely. 

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