Peru Recovers Lost Manuscript Which Is Deemed Priceless

Peru is home to a number of priceless manuscripts from the time of the Inca. Some have been lost to time forever and others have been deliberately destroyed by miscreants. Today it is difficult to come by ancient manuscripts that held a wealth of knowledge. Peru recently unveiled a priceless manuscript which went missing when Peru had occupied the country. This occupation took place during the 1879-84 Pacific War. 

More about the manuscript in question

The manuscript is called “Memories of the Peruvian monarchy or outline of the Inca’s history”. It was compiled and written by Justo Apu Sahuaraura Inca. He was a direct descendent of Huayna Capac, an ancient Incan emperor who lived during the early 16th century. The manuscript details a number of events and situations that defined Inca’s rise and fall. This manuscript is so valuable that the government has taken a lot of pains to keep it preserved. 

Why are so many manuscripts missing?

The manuscript also describes Garcilaso de la Vega, who is presumed to be the first progeny of a Spanish colonizer and an Incan. It must be noted that both Peru and Chile have a number of wars, and Chile has returned most of the documents that were stolen during the occupation. Many Brazilian private collectors of stolen documents in manuscript as well. Government agencies and archaeologists have negotiated with these private collectors to return them. It has not always been successful but some attempts have resulted in the Brazilian private collectors returning some of these manuscripts. 

All is not lost, and museums may some of them

Must be remembered that Peru has a number of lost manuscripts like this which are unfortunately destroyed forever. There is very little interest in preserving these priceless manuscripts and monuments, and as these are often found by companies, they’re just discarded. When you visit Beryl again, make sure to take a look at all the museums strewn across the country. You might find some of these ancient manuscripts to view!

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