Guano Is the Gift that Every Organic Farmer Needs

The world is currently looking for fertilizers that are natural and chemical free. Fertilizers have caused a lot of problems and have resulted in soil degradation chemical leeching, and toxicity in food grown. One of the remedies is to use the fertilizer that is natural and not laden with chemicals. This is one of the reasons why there is a growing interest all over the world in guano. 

What is guano?

Guano is the accumulated excrement of bats, sea birds and other animals. Guano is highly effective because it contains an elevated level of phosphate, potassium and nitrogen. These are all ingredients that are necessary for the growth of plants. In the olden days, it was also used to produce gunpowder and other explosive materials. 

Guano can be classified into two varieties: bird guano and bat guano. Bird guano has a lot of nitrogen, uric acid, ammonia, protein and nitrates. On the other hand, bat guano consists of carbon sulphur nitrogen and phosphorus. Guano helps all kinds of plants to grow well and the resulting products can be sold as organic produce. This is because as guano is a natural product, it falls under the definition of “organic”. 

Guano is the solution that every farmer needs to use

In a world that is ravaged by industrialized fertilizers, guano comes as a savior. They said use is directly linked to a growing incidence of different kinds of cancer, thalassaemia, and a number of other disorders. Do a lot of companies claim to manufacture organic fertilizers that inevitably laden with chemicals. Using guano is a sure shot method to keeping agricultural produce clean and healthy.

If you would like to see what guano is like you might be able to find it at your nearest agricultural produce store. You might also want to visit guano traders when you visit Peru once this crisis is over. 

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