Peru’s Fishing Community Is On the Brink

Al Jazeera recently reported that Peru’s fisherman are increasingly taking life-threatening risks to fish for crabs and other shell fish. The risks are not limited to these fish alone, and many are venturing deeper into the sea to get the fish they usually found closer to the shores. Fishing is becoming increasingly difficult and seafood has become very tough to harvest. Al Jazeera also reported that  the main causes for these problems are climate change, pollution and overfishing. 

Why is it so difficult to fish in Peru?

Fishermen say that the water is much warmer than it was before and marine animals such as crap try to hide under the rocks below water. This results in divers having to dive much deeper than usual, often risking their lives. I’ve been instances where the fishermen have drowned while trying to dive much deeper than it’s normal for them to do. Peru’s fishing community depends on the amount of fish that is caught and most of them come from marginalized communities. 

Is Peru alone in this battle?

It needs to be borne in mind that Peru was not alone in this fight against global warming, pollution, and overfishing. All over the world, countries have fought against increasing temperature, erratic rainfall, and rising sea water temperatures. This has led to an imbalance in deep sea fishing and also fishing close to the shore. There does not seem to be a solution at the moment as there are multiple factors involved.

What can be done?

If you are visiting Peru and would like to taste its cuisine, you’re bound to find seafood related dishes. Just keep in mind that your dish might come from a fishing community that is marginalized and on the verge of economic collapse. The new coronavirus epidermic that has struck the world, has also affected tourist inflow into Peru. Just bear in mind that poorer people not only in Peru, but all over the world, bear the brunt of epidemics, global warming, pollution and overfishing more than anyone else. 

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