Caspiroleta: A Peruvian Cocktail to Not Be Missed

Peru is famous for a number of cocktail recipes and travelers are often surprised to see that the locals drink a variety of drinks. As Peruvian cuisine becomes more famous all around the world, its drinks will continue to get more popular as well. 

Cocktails from Peru are perfect for both hot and cold days, and this is reflected in the country’s varied geography. As it is, people in Peru like to party a lot and needless to say cocktails often go along with parties. 

Askf or a Caspiroleta, always

Caspiroleta is a popular cocktail that combines a number of ingredients. This delicious drink is made from milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, wine and a choice of liquor ranging from brandy, rum, Pisco, et cetera. This mouthwatering cocktail is the perfect drink for a warm sunny day while you enjoy watching the crowds on the street. It must be kept in mind that the recipe may vary from region to region and even by country. 

Most upmarket bars in Lima offer this cocktail to their patrons. There is also a paleo version of this cocktail in which you can replace the milk with coconut milk. This will make sure that those with lactose intolerance will not be affected by the cocktails milk proteins. A number of people agree that coconut milk in fact taste much better than dairy and maybe more suitable for this kind of cocktail. 

Drink in moderation

Caspiroleta can be drunk with a nice sumptuous Peruvian meal while you discover the nooks and corners of Lima or another large city. After all, what is travelling without having a couple of drinks and losing yourself? Just make sure that you are safe and that you do not overdo your alcohol consumption. 

At the end of the day, you neither want to be in an unsafe situation or get sick. If you’re looking for healthier alternatives and would like to take a trek in the countryside or the mountains, give us a call today. 

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