Why Do Women Prefer the Cocktail “Algarrobina”?

Did you ever think that a cocktail could have gender? Turns out, it can. Algarrobina has the reputation for being a cocktail that is popular with women. In fact, it is known as a girly drink and any man who drinks it is often ridiculed by other men. 

The reason being, this cocktail is sweet and syrupy and is made from a thick syrup. This cocktail is usually drunk by women because it is known to heal anaemia and give you beautiful and healthy skin. It has a beautiful caramel flavour and two men say that they don’t like it they often order it in huge quantities at the bars. 

Why do people assign gendered qualities to cocktails?

Men are often insecure, and they try to overcompensated insecurity with toxic masculinity. Assigning gender roles to a cocktail is a reflection of this deeply disturbing behavior. Thankfully, a lot of youngsters do not follow these strict gender norms and are more fluid in nature than their parents were. This is mostly because of gender sensitivity being taught at schools across the world. This means after a decade or so kids might wonder why anybody would say that a cocktail is manly or unmanly. 

When cocktails have gender

Like other Latin American countries, Peru is also a much a country where masculine ideals of valued. In fact one could make an argument that they’re quite overvalued. This is probably why even cocktails tend to have their own gender and any man who drinks it is dismissed as effete. Nevertheless the popularity of these cocktails will only grow as today’s youngsters grow older and discard richer gender roles. 

Do you have a cocktail that is considered girly in your own country? Do let us know in the comments section below. Better still, contact us today to find the right track or adventure best suited for your personality. 

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