Lima Sits On Top of a Cultural Bank, Says Archaeologist

If you thought Lima was a bustling and modern city, think again. This metropolitan city sits on top of an archaeological bank that could probably date back to 4,500 years ago. Archaeologist Alexis Solis says that Lima is in fact sitting on top of a cultural bank. He is one of the 40 archaeologists who work for the Calidda national gas company. The company has been given the contract of installing gas lines across Lima. Consequently its workers have found themselves in the midst of an archaeological site spanning across the city. 

What did they discover?

They have continued to discover ancient ruins barrels and monuments. Just two years ago, they found the bodies of Chinese farmers who were the first immigrants to come from Asia in the 19 century. They had also discovered ceramic from a pre-Incan period which is now taught to be invaluable. While these workers have been honest enough to report the discoveries to the government, others are not like this. 

A real estate company recently destroyed a 4500-year-old pyramid and did not inform the government at all. In the last 16 years, this Colombian gas company has discovered more than 300 archaeological sites and has spent more than $2 million in order to safeguard these archaeological wonders. 

Want to visit Lima on an intimate tour?

Next time you’re in Peru, make sure to spend a lot more time in Lima than you might have planned. Lima is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and is also one of the most historically rich sites. 

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