Causa: The Glamorous Dish You Didn’t Know Existed

If you have wondered what the need to people of Peru eat, you would be surprised to learn that there is an amazing array of dishes that you can try. One of them is the Causa, which is a potato-based casserole or cake roll. It is prepared in a number of ways, and has many regional variations. 

No matter where you try it, it is always delicious because of the potato component. Potatoes that are used in the Causa are yellow in color and are matched to a fine based in order to bring the signature texture. This dish is native to Quechuan people and you can find it all over Peru. 

How to prepare Causa?

To prepare the cause, one needs the native potatoes, oil, lime juice and aji amarillo sauce. The mash is used as a sandwich bread while the feeling is usually made from tuna, chicken or salmon which is mixed with mayonnaise. There is also a layer of olives, avocado, and eggs on the top and these are matched as well. People love eating this dish when they have a drink or two and it is a very popular party starter. It can be consumed as an aperitif and is always served cold.

Why are potatoes so popular in Peru?

You might be surprised to learn that potatoes are extremely common in Peruvian cuisine. They are grown all over the country and are just as popular as they are in Europe. What makes potatoes unique in Peruvian cuisine are the ingredients that are used alongside. It need not be stated again that Causa is unique not only because of the potato, but also because of other ingredients that are used alongside such as aji amarillo sauce, and certain meats. 

How to travel to Peru now?

Once the travel restrictions are eased, and life returns to normal, you might want to plan a trip to Peru again. Do call us today to find out various options that exist for you, especially if you want to visit as part of a culinary tour. 

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