Organ Meat and Anticuchos: A Unique Peruvian Tradition

A lot of people do not like to eat offal because they consider organ meat gross and disgusting. However, a number of communities across the world relish organ meat and that valued for their high nutrient density. In fact, did your diet recommends eating organ meats such as kidney, heart, brain, liver and other parts. There is also an ethical angle to eating organ meat. An animal that has been slaughtered should be consumed in its entirety and not discounted. 

Most people only choose the lean parts of the carcass, and discard organ meat. This is disrespectful, mini believe, for the dead animal because its life was taken for the purpose of providing nourishment. If the animal is not consumed in its entirety, its loss of life would be a tragedy. Which is why, it is important to imbibe organ meat into our diets. 

What are Anticuchos?

Anticuchos is a dish made from beef heart. The heart is cut into 2 inch cubes and marinated in garlic, cumin ahi, and vinegar. Some people also use alpaca heart. Once marinated, it is grilled over charcoal like kebabs. They are skewered along with potatoes, onions, and served with lime. Many people like to eat it with wine and other drinks. It would be amazing to eat these Peruvian grilled hearts while always looking at beautiful scenery. 

Trying Anticuchos in Peru

If you are visiting Lima or Cusco, there are a number of places where you can try the Anticuchos. Now that there is a crisis going on you might want to wait for awhile until you make your plans to visit Peru. Once you’re ready to visit Peru, give us a call and we would be glad to help you make your plans come true. We can help you customize your trips and guide you regarding the destinations that are best suited for you based on your interests. 

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