Visit the Exotic and Ancient Pikimachay Caves

Peru has a rich history dating back to 12,000 BC, and you might be surprised to learn just how ancient this country is. The Pikimachay cave seems to have had a human presence dating back to 14,000 years ago. This is part of the Ayacucho complex which is located in the Ayacucho valley of Peru. 

Artifacts dating back to 11,000 BC include bone pieces, basalt and chert tools, choppers and projectile points. A large number of guinea pig bones have been found as well. This suggests that humans may have domesticated guinea pigs for their meat. In addition llamas could have been domesticated by 2800 BC while the chilli remains dating back to 4300 BC. 

What the caves are most famous for

Archaeologists have found some of the oldest remains of plants in Peru, at this location. For instance, a few years ago, some archaeologists found an 11,000 year old bottle gourd. There have also been instances of ancient bits of amaranth, cotton, quinoa, and other plants being found. What this really means is, this site probably could be the cradle of Peruvian civilization, if there were one. 

How to get to Pikimachay?

To visit the caves, you will first need to go to the city of Ayacucho. From there, you will need to make a move towards Huanta province. This is where you will arrive at the Pikimachay cave. You can spend an entire day at the caves, but you will need to be prepared for the unstable weather conditions. To make sure that the weather does not disappoint you, make sure to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, warm clothing, and comfortable shoes. 

Want to visit Pikimachay?

If you would like to visit these caves after the coronavirus crises, and when travel conditions ease, you can call us up when you are ready. We would be glad to assist you with information and travel planning. We run a number of tour packages to these exotic destinations, and you might want to learn about them.

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