How to Survive Peru Speaking Only English

If you’re an English speaker and are coming from a predominantly English speaking country, you might wonder if people in Peru are able to speak your language. The short answer is, very few people in Peru are able to speak English. The long answer is, some people may speak English but it helps to learn of your word of Spanish or carry your phrasebook along with you. 

It really depends on where you are

As long as you’re in Lima or Costco and are only visiting popular cafés or hotels which are used to international travelers you will probably not need to know Spanish. However, the beauty of Peru lies outside the gleaming malls and nightclubs of Miraflores and Barranco. 

Consequently, always hopes to learn a little bit of Spanish in order to interact with the locals. In fact, speaking Spanish will help you to build a bond with Peruvians and they will go out of their way to make you feel at home. If you are not willing to pick up a few words in Spanish, fret not. 

What can you do if you only wish to use English?

There are a number of things that you can do in order to get around without speaking a word of Spanish in Peru. Some of these things include, using Google translator, just trying if the other person understands English, are using non-verbal communication. Of all these methods, Google translator is probably the most effective tool that you can use. It is free, and you can speak out your sentences into the cell phone and Google translator will type out the Spanish phrases. All you need to do is show the screen to the person that you’re trying to communicate with. 

But why not pick up at least 100 useful words in Spanish?

However the question really is why would you not want to pick up a few words of Spanish when it is going to make your life easier in Peru. If you’re planning to travel in Peru and are looking for Spanish lessons do not hesitate to contact us we will provide an immersive experience to help you pick up at least 100 words that will help you get around in Peru. 

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